3 Common Website Design Pitfalls That Negatively Affect Your Business’s Bottom Line

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We live in a digital world and every savvy business owner knows how important it is to capture business online. 85% of consumers view a business’s website before making a purchase decision. 

But what are the factors on your website that influence whether or not someone chooses to do business with you? We’ll break down some common pitfalls of small business’ sites to highlight how good website design can positively impact your business’s bottom line and how these three pitfalls take away business.

Pitfall #1: Outdated Design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is never applicable when it comes to your businesses’ website. It takes 50 milliseconds (.05 seconds!) for a consumer to make a judgement about whether or not they want to continue on your site. This rapid decision is solely based on the site’s function and design.

When a consumer is searching online, they almost always have more than one option to do business with. Outdated and poorly functioning website designs give your consumer a negative perception of your brand and can quickly cause them to leave your site all together in search of a more modern and professional appearing business.

Which coffee brand would you prefer to do business with?

This immediate rejection dramatically impacts your business’s bottom line. A poorly designed website gives a potential consumer a negative impression of your brand and prevents them from wanting to reach out. This contributes to a large missed opportunity for your business and detracts from your bottom line.

Pitfall #2: Lack Of Clear Call To Actions (CTA)

Did you know that most website visitors want your business to tell them what to do? 

Hard to believe, but it’s true! 

Imagine that you are locked out of your car and you urgently search for “locksmiths near me”. If you scroll through sites that give no way to immediately get in contact with a locksmith you will quickly move on to another site. 

The same is true for e-commerce business, spas, gyms, and every other small business out there! If your potential client is not easily able to book an appointment, purchase an item, or get in contact with you then your business and bottom line will suffer from a missed opportunity. This missed opportunity is one of the most common pitfalls of small business- with over 70% lacking a clear call to action on their site!

Spotify’s primary goal is to acquire new subscription customers. This is made clear with their Call To Action to try Spotify for free.

Pitfall #3: No Follow Up Or Retargeting Capabilities

While it would be great if every client who visited your site turned into a paying client, it simply doesn’t play out like that in the real world. 

On average, it takes approximately 7 interactions with your brand before a potential client becomes a paying customer. 

So how can you maintain contact with a client who visits your site but doesn’t fill out any information through your call to action’s? 

This is where the magic of technology comes in! Google and social media platforms like Facebook have codes that can be embedded into your site that allow you to follow up with clients who visited your site with more content in the future.

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Seem complex? Don’t worry. We handle all of these integrations while building your site.

This means that if you run a spa that offers a variety of services like saunas, facials, and massage, with this kind of technology, you can send a Facebook Ad to a client who only visited your facial page with more information about that specific facial! 

Too many small businesses lose out on potential business and hurt their long term bottom line by missing these opportunities to follow up with interested clients. Just because a client does not take action immediately on your website does not mean that they are uninterested. They, like most consumers, just need more reminders (remember, 7 is the magic number!) before they are ready to take action.

An Investment In Long Term Profitability

How does your business stack up against these common pitfalls? Do you have a modern design that is user friendly? Does your potential client know how to take action? Are you following up with missed opportunities on your site? 

Improving these aspects about your business’s web presence can drastically improve your bottom line.

When thinking about a website design revamp for your business, the costs can feel overwhelming. However, smart and strategic web design is an investment in your business’s long term profitability. Through capitalizing on those missed opportunities, you will quickly gain back the return on your investment (and more!). 

Wondering how these tips could apply to your business? Get in touch and we’ll work through them together.

Let's build a site that grows your business!

Schedule a free phone call and we’ll explore your business’s opportunities for growth, together. 

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