The 4 Most Important Technology Integrations For Spas, Gyms, & Wellness Businesses

Rise Wellness In Bend Oregon
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Here at Pathway Projects, we actually began our small business careers with a brick and mortar wellness spa, Rise Wellness. For three years we lived the ins and outs of running a wellness business that offers cryotherapy, infrared saunas, ozone, IV infusions, and more!

Working with some of our amazing clients at Rise Wellness, located in Bend OR!

Our first location was in a non visible part of town with no walk in traffic. We had to learn how to digitally market ourselves to acquire Every. Single. Client. at our business! 

With this personal experience under our belt, we began helping other business owners improve their digital strategies and presence. We saw first hand how many opportunities that other owners were missing out on by having poorly performing websites that did not generate leads, minimal follow up automations, and no lead generating process. Thus, Pathway Projects was born to help other small businesses see success with their digital strategies. 

Today, we’re putting our wellness based hats back on to highlight our 4 favorite softwares to grow your spa, gym, chiropractic practice, or salon that we’ve personally used for our business.

In the age of accessibility, it is critical for your wellness business to be able to take bookings 24/7. Having a convenient option on your website for appointments is a must, but there’s much more to a booking software than just scheduling appointments. At our business, we use Vagaro for our bookings, client management, email marketing, analytics, reporting and more!

Vagaro Software For Rise Wellness In Bend Oregon

Some of its most helpful features are its flexible membership subscription options, waiver forms, and a mobile app that elevates our client’s experience with our brand anywhere they go! 

At a lower price point than popular booking software, Mind Body, we’ve found that its features and functionality have been very impressive for the cost.

Though marketed as a lead management software for realtors, we’ve found that Lion Desk has been an excellent tool for managing leads and dramatically increasing our conversions with potential clients. 

When an interested client puts in their information through on our website or via a Facebook or Youtube Ad, Lion Desk immediately adds their name, phone number, and email into our database. From there, it sends automated follow up texts and emails until the client schedules an appointment. 

Before using Lion Desk, we were organizing all of our leads in an excel sheet that was hard to stay on top of and became easily disorganized. 

This software provides the follow up consistency that potential clients need (remember- on average it takes seven points of contact before an interested client actually comes into your business!). Adding Lion Desk into our business has nearly doubled the amount of appointments (and paying customers!) that result from our generated leads.  

Need more leads for your spa, gym, or wellness based business? We’ll get there next.

Digital Marketing In Bend Oregon

There’s no avoiding this combo when it comes to digital advertising. Facebook & Google are marketing power houses! 

Though having a mixed reputation amongst users, both have helped our business grow tremendously. 

We’ve acquired over 90% of our clients through advertising on Facebook, Google, & Youtube. 

Their targeting abilities are unmatched and follow up tracking codes can be embedded into your website to serve incredibly relevant ads to your interested audience after they visit your site. 

Though complex and tricky to learn and execute well, once you or your marketing team has optimally set up Facebook & Google ads, your gym, spa, or office will be able to grow and scale tremendously.

Zapier is an incredible tool for any wellness based business looking to automate their workflows and connect many of the previously mentioned softwares. 

Zapier allows you to create workflows called “Zaps”. Zaps connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks, so you can focus on other work.

Organize all of the workflows for your wellness business with Zapier.

For example, you can tell Zapier to automatically put new leads that you receive from your website, Facebook, and Google into a spreadsheet, send them an email, add them to your CRM and more! 

Zapier is the glue that holds together all of the automations and softwares that keep our wellness business running smoothly.

At the core of all of these softwares, there’s one crucial tool that connects them all… a website! 

Without a website, you do not have the ability to execute any of these tools well in your business. A website provides the information and infrastructure required to acquire leads well, have them become regular clients in your facility, and tremendously grow your business! 

At Pathway Projects, we’re incredibly passionate about helping wellness based businesses grow and scale their businesses through their website and digital presence!

Let's build a site that grows your business!

Schedule a free phone call and we’ll explore your business’s opportunities for growth, together. 

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